Personal Photo Logs and Related Stuff

Ex Post Fatty Some believe that I wasn't really ever fat. Oh yes, a before and after shot.
Hair Today... Some believe that I never had long hair. Oh yes, I did.
Tokyo 2001 In 2001, I went to Tokyo while I was working for Widevine Technologies. No time for sight seeing, but I did get to see a data center.
Red Rock 2002 Shortly after arriving in Las Vegas we visited the local hiking trails of Red Rock Canyon
Snow in Vegas? Yes, it does sometimes. Apparently December 30, 2003, is a likely date.
Our house Having made it back to metro Seattle...
Farkistry Silly images that I did for contests during a period of unemployment. Most notably, February and March of 2002
Hauling in the Element A recent shopping trip for the yard reveals the wisdom of the large removable sunroof in the back of the Element